Address Folkart Towers No: 47 B 28.Kat No: 2809 Bayraklı / İzmir
Phone +90 232 242 3651

Our Values


We focus on results and always look for solutions that will lead us to success with perseverance and determination.


We treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and business partners with respect and sensitivity.


The strength of our pioneering spirit comes from our innovative attitude and openness to change.


Honesty, justice and reliability form the basis of our behavior.

About Us

It was established to be a solution partner to companies in the field of Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and sustainability. Its primary aim is to inspire companies in all service areas they need or may need, starting from occupational health and safety, environment and sustainability processes. Our professional and expert team members; the "cultural formation staff of the sector" who has worked as a manager in international organizations on sustainability, occupational safety and environment issues for many years and has spent most of his professional life achieving success in sustainbability, occupational health and safety and environment issues.